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AI for predicting future housing and real estate distribution -

The “” future population dynamics prediction AI (patented) is an AI system that predicts the occurrence of vacant houses and re-occupancies on a residential unit basis from the present to the future.

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We have conducted pilot experiments with four cities in Tokyo, Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture, and a major gas company, confirming that our predictions for five years later have an accuracy of 92%. In fiscal year R5, we are expanding to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Housing Policy Bureau and Fukaya City in Saitama Prefecture.

Utilization case study through a proof-of-concept experiment with Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

In fiscal year 2022, we conducted proof-of-concept experiments for predicting future vacant house occurrences with four cities in Tokyo and Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture, targeting municipalities and infrastructure companies. We were able to confirm that the prediction accuracy for 5 years in the future reached 92%.

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Case study of implementation in the Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Management System

The development of a vacancy prediction model using '' improved forecast accuracy by 15% compared to conventional methods. This significantly accelerated recruitment processes, enabling efficient vacancy management and prompt responses.

MiraiE product series
MiraiE offers products targeting the domains of social infrastructure, local governments, and real estate. (Including those under research and development)
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This product (MiraiE) aims to solve the vacant house problem by addressing the challenges faced by departments in charge of vacant house countermeasures.
Currently, the mainstream approach to vacant house issues is reactive, based on reports from citizens. Often, when attempting to contact the owners of vacant houses, it's not uncommon to find that they can no longer be reached.
As the number of vacant houses increases year by year, the limited number of staff members are becoming increasingly overwhelmed.

Therefore, the introduction of this product aims to shift from reactive measures to proactive ones.
By contacting property owners before houses become vacant and promoting the circulation of vacant houses through public-private partnerships, we aim to facilitate urban regeneration by treating vacant houses as a resource.
Through AI (MiraiE), we will efficiently grasp the actual situation of vacant houses, identify households at risk of becoming vacant, and approach them proactively.

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