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What's Microbase

Microbase is a group of experts specializing in GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

We develop future prediction technologies that respond to location-based changes by leveraging geospatial data.

Our technology focuses on image recognition through deep learning and spatiotemporal data modeling. Utilizing our expertise in GIS, we manage everything from project planning and design to algorithm development and service release.


Japan is facing challenges such as a declining birthrate, an aging population, increasing social security burdens, and aging infrastructure. These issues particularly reflect the future of Japan in rural areas.

While it is difficult to take measures before the problems become more severe, it is possible to utilize big data and computer technology to present clear solutions to these complex issues.

We are working to tackle complex problems such as global warming and energy resource issues by leveraging data, making invisible realities tangible, and moving towards a positive and bright future.


Our job is to utilize all available data and organize it into an appropriate form.

In virtual space services such as web advertising and digital games, activities within the space can be recorded as data without including personal information or psychological aspects. One example of this is Google Analytics.

However, in the physical space, it is not feasible to install surveillance cameras everywhere or to extend wireless networks across entire regions.

In situations where data is lacking, finding alternative data sources or building systems to collect data from scratch requires a multifaceted approach, much like mixed martial arts.


Utilizing knowledge in GIS, statistics, and programming, we are involved in every process from launching services to operations.
Through practical data science and engineering tasks, you can gain development experience with a sense of responsibility for driving product growth and delivering value to users.

  • Data science
  • AI Development
  • engineering

We are not hiring at the moment.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company. Unfortunately, we do not have any job openings at the moment.