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DownScale Engine
In the field of meteorology, techniques have been developed to refine and adapt the macro-level predictions created by Global Climate Models (GCMs) to local regions. Microbase has uniquely developed and improved this technology to be applicable to statistical information.
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This technology, which has obtained a patent, allows for the reverse estimation of more detailed statistical information or individual data records from aggregated statistical information.
Regardless of the units of the published statistical information, this technology enables aggregation at arbitrary units, significantly speeding up data analysis and graph display. It is also utilized in the Micro Area Reporting Service.
Due to the nature of geographic information data, the finer the temporal and spatial granularity, the broader and deeper the scope of analysis. However, privacy issues and the difficulty of obtaining comprehensive data often limit its usability. It is not uncommon for data to have been accumulated over several years, only to fall short of expectations in data analysis and utilization services due to insufficient applicable data. This technology was developed with the aim of making geographic information data more accessible and easier to analyze and utilize.
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